Bielsko-Biala - Poland, Grand Rapids Sister Cities

Grand Rapids artists in Bielsko-Biala

Two artists (GVSU Professor, Tim Fisher and student, Sean Hamilton) and a GVSU Media Major (Megan Jones) travelled to Bielsko-Biala in June to take part in an artists-in-residence program set up by Bielsko-Biala City staff and coordinated by Galeria Bielska BWA. This was everyone’s first visit to Poland, and the Department of City Promotion in Bielsko-Biala along with the Galeria Bielska BWA prepared special programs to show them the town and its surrounding cultural institutions.
The artists held meetings with local youth, and on June 22 participated in a reception at the BWA Gallery to talk about their work, inspirations and impressions from their stay in Bielsko-Biala.
Tim Fisher and Sean Hamilton are currently painting their mural in a public place and already made the news in the local newspaper. Megan Jones is documenting the project and coordinating the promotion of their work.
The official presentation of the completed mural took place on June 29, at noon.
Read more about the artists and their project on the GVSU Department of Art and Design webpage.