Board of Directors

Our board is a dynamic group of globally minded individuals who work with a diverse group of volunteers, members and the community at-large. They have excellent follow through on projects and are terrific storytellers for Grand Rapids Sister Cities and the amazing work we are doing to promote peace, respect and mutual understanding with our five sister cities and the people of Grand Rapids. They LOVE to work internationally! Our board members give their own gifts to the organization and ask for others to contribute time, talent and treasure.

Our Board Members (2021)

  • Leonardo Tombelli – President – Perugia
  • Don Bultman – Vice-President – Omihachiman
  • Denise Taylor – Secretary – Perugia
  • Dante Villarreal – Director – Zapopan
  • Erika Plunkett – Director – Zapopan
  • Kelli Jo Peltier – Treasurer, Director – Bielsko-Biala
  • Laura Moody – Director – Ga District
  • Brent Case – Director

Grand Rapids City Liaison

Lou Canfield, Chief of Staff