Whether it’s an exchange of students working together on a community service project, artists from our sister city teaching their native crafts to Grand Rapids youth, or community leaders and business people working together to share ideas and insights, sister city activities promote lasting friendships and partnerships. Through participation in the program’s exchanges, residents have a unique opportunity to foster cultural understanding and communication with people from Ghana and around the world.

Collaboration with Rays of Hope

The Ga Committee is working on shipping a 40’ container of medical supplies with Rays of Hope, which works on humanitarian aid for third world countries. The committee has raised $12k of the $16k needed and the container has been shipped. The next step for the Ga Committee may be a follow-up visit to the hospitals and compound health posts.

Ga District Community Radio Project

The Ga District Committee partnered with the Community Media Center (CMC) here in Grand Rapids and Culture in the Neighborhood, a nonprofit organization in Ghana, to help the people of Ga District create and sustain their own community radio station called Radio Omanye. The radio station supports literacy, learning and training of activists on general health, with a focus on the distribution of information about HIV/AIDS and the prevention of malaria. Although the CMC is mandated to serve the community as a whole with information and communication services that were previously unavailable to the public, there are also plans to conduct special ICT training for local youth, women and the physically challenged in order to help promote sustainable livelihoods. This is a major accomplishment and a significant development for the local community. Radio Omanye is the only local media and the first accessible communication and information facility in a poor and otherwise disconnected and marginalised area.

African Urban Poverty Alleviation Project

In 2009 the Grand Rapids Ga District committee received a grant along with just 6 other sister cities nation-wide through Sister Cities International and The African Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (AUPAP). Beyond improving the state of sanitation, health, and water infrastructures in urban areas of Africa, this project is aimed at accomplishing Sister Cities International’s mission of promoting peace and prosperity through international people-to-people collaboration. Read the press release.

Visit to learn more about the African Urban Poverty Alleviation Program.

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